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Maintenance of dust remover

2021-06-25 admin Read 185

During the daily use of the dust remover, special personnel are required to check and clean the dust to ensure the normal operation and use of the dust remover. Before use, check whether the working environment voltage is normal, whether the indicator lamp works normally, keep the power grounded, close all locks, and check whether the filter bag is damaged. The dry dust remover should not absorb media with high humidity or easy deliquescence, or media with kindling; The vacuum tube should not be bent for use, and there should be no knife wound, burning and other damages; The collected materials in the dust drawer shall be cleaned in time, and the machine must be turned off during cleaning to prevent unsafe accidents and secondary pollution of dust; If the filter bag is worn after long-term use, replace the filter bag in time to reduce unnecessary loss; Severe impact will deform some parts, which may lead to poor sealing, thus affecting the suction and dust removal effect, so it should be avoided as far as possible; The dust remover absorbing special gas shall be checked frequently to prevent unsafe accidents caused by leakage. The deduster is generally a fixed device. The common single deduster should be placed indoors, and the exhaust pipe can be changed to outdoors. If it must be installed outdoors, a protective cover can be built or the electric control can be separated from the machine. The dedusting unit is generally installed outdoors, and attention should be paid to the impact on the surrounding environment and safety protection.